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Training Tools

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Community Guide to Natural Resource Management - French only (2020)

This guide was developed under the Keta project to address the most pressing natural resource concerns of communities. It summarises the legal provisions of current Cameroonian legislation relating to natural resource management, and guides communities on what to look for, demand or avoid when faced with a situation of natural resource exploitation on their lands.


However, as this guide shows, these legal provisions don't always conform with the human rights provisions in international law that Cameroon has committed itself to respect, and which the constitution of Cameroon protects.

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Community Guide for establishing a birth certificate in Cameroon - French only (2020)

Here we share a Legal Guide for community members explaining how to go about establishing a birth certificate.


In Cameroon, the birth certificate is the first civil document of any individual, which establishes a person’s legal existence. It is a gateway document to all other citizenship documents, such as a national identity card or electoral card, and a key element of the human right to a nationality. A birth certificate, or an ID card, is necessary to be able to enrol children in school, move freely around the country, vote, initiate legal procedures, apply for jobs, and perform many other essential life activities – it is the cornerstone to the enjoyment of many civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights.


However, for the indigenous communities of Cameroon’s forests, it has long been known that a significant number lack citizenship documents, and have therefore been disproportionately excluded from the enjoyment of other legal rights.


This practical guide explains all the important administrative steps for communities to follow, covering three main scenarios:

  1. Registering a birth (0-90 days old)

  2. Establishing a birth certificate for a baby (3 months-6 months old)

Establishing a birth certificate for an infant older than 6 months, or for an adult

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FPIC Training Materials:

'Communities in Control' - French only (2019)

This training toolkit has been developed for communities in Cameroon to help increase awareness of the key principles surrounding free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) and to improve the implementation of these principles in practice.


These training tools are intended to support community education on FPIC and to help communities to get the best deal they can if they decide to enter negotiations with companies for use of community lands and resources. The materials provide practical guidance on FPIC in booklet and poster formats that civil society organisations can use with communities in Cameroon and beyond.

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Factsheet: The Situation of Indigenous Forest Peoples in Cameroon (2019)

As part of the Indigenous Navigator project, the Gbabandi Platform, Okani and FPP have produced a factsheet on the situation of indigenous forest peoples in Cameroon. This document provides an overview of the situation of Cameroon’s indigenous forest peoples, including Cameroon’s legal and policy framework, key challenges for forest peoples and policy recommendations.

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