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Indigenous Training Centre, Ntam

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Indigenous Peoples’ Centre

Our dream

Over the past 50 years, various organisations have provided indigenous forest communities with several types of support: financial, material, technological, methodological, etc. as an aid to eradicate poverty.


In spite of this support, poverty continues to affect almost all groups of Indigenous Forest Peoples in Cameroon and thus affects the quality of their lives. The situation is becoming even more critical.


"We must break the vicious circle of poverty among indigenous people”.


It is by this logic that the Indigenous Peoples’ Centre was conceived and designed, with the objective of creating an appropriate space to train indigenous communities in Leadership, in order to inspire a new generation of indigenous community leaders.


These leaders will be committed to solving the thorny problem of poverty and transforming their communities into communities with men and women who are in the driver's seat and assert themselves as such.


Hosting capacities of the Indigenous Peoples’ Centre

The Centre opened its doors for the first time in November 2020 for its first residential Indigenous Leadership workshop, with 10 Baka participants from neighbouring communities. The centre can host a dozen participants per session.

Based in Ntam, Ngoyla Arrondissement, Haut-Nyong Department, East Region, Cameroon.

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